Join the Parke Society

The benefits Parke Society membership include:

  • gaining additional knowledge about your Park/e/s heritage through the Society’s extensive lineage database
  • the ability to interact with other members who share your ancestry
  • the Parke Society Newsletter, published three times a year, filled with articles about various Park/e/s lineages, Society news, as well as articles of a general genealogical nature
  • the ability to combine the Society’s lineage expertise with the Park/e/s DNA Surname Project results
  • access to the Dana Parks, Jr. Memorial Library
  • one-on-one consultations with Parke Society staff members at our annual meeting

The Parke Society welcomes everyone as a member, with a number of membership options:

Regular Member

Open to anyone who can trace their ancestry to a progenitor whose name was Park, Parks, Parke, Parkes, or any of its accepted variants.

Associate Member

Open to the spouse of a Park/e/s descendant, or any other person interested in joining the Society. If the spouse of a Park/e/s descendant is the family member who is most actively engaged in the family research, this would be the logical choice, though both are welcome to join as members.

Life Member

Open to both Regular and Associate Members who wish to make a single Life Member payment.

Dues and Fees:

  • One-Time Application Fee: $15-to cover expenses involved in processing membership application, along with your first-year membership dues, for a total of $45 for the first year
  • Annual Dues: $30 thereafter
  • Life Membership: $300 + $15 application fee, for a total of $315

To begin the membership process, please contact the Registrar:

Parke Society Registrar Fr. Michael Tad Parks PO BOX 590 Milwaukee, WI 53201-0590 (414) 243-6423

To contact Ron by email, click the icon:

At this time, we do not have online payment capabilities. When applying for membership, please mail a check for the applicable amount, made payable to The Parke Society, to the Registrar at the address above along with your application form. Any questions you may have about the application process should be addressed to the Registrar.