Lineage Leaders

The Parke Society's Lineage Leaders

Questions concerning lineage issues should always be addressed to the Parke Society Historian, but if there is a Lineage Leader listed below for your particular line, make sure you copy them in all correspondence as well. Lineage Leaders may have more in-depth knowledge that can be of use in resolving questions, but the Historian is always the primary contact and must be included in any discussions to ensure no vital information is lost through lack of communication.

Lineage Leader for Name and address Contact information
Robert (Charts 3-4-5) LKs=S, T, W Dennis Lee Lorensen PS#1185
702 Miners Avenue
Lead, SD
No email: use USPS address
Robert (Charts 8-9-10-11) LK=T Robert Leon Parke PS#755
P.O. Box 700572
Saint Cloud, FL
Robert (Charts 12-13) LK=T Cynthia L. Hupper PS#182
16665 Diaz Dr.
San Diego, CA
Noah / Roger of NJ LK=K Percival D. Park PS#140
P.O. BOX 5464
Charlottesville, VA
Cyrenius / Robert LK=T Cora L. Reid PS#231
RR 1
Enterprise, Ontario
Thomas (VA, 1768) LK=C Phyllis J. Kumler PS#525
P.O. Box 140
Bellflower, IL
Roger of NJ (K1) LK=K Susan J. Avery PS#1331
3247 Anderson Drive
Winston-Salem, NC
Alexander/Scotland (KY) LK=KY Gary A. Parks PS#1528
11 Pony Lane
Flemington, NJ
John, of Ewhurst, Sussex, England LK=KK Fred R. Saar PS#1407
37 Clover Street
West Hurley, NY
Richard (MA, 1635) LK=R Natalie Park Schutz PS#1086
1766 Hudson Drive
San Jose, CA
Samuel / Robert LK=S Philip N. Parks PS#912
1228 Minnesota Street
Hancock, MI
Lineages of the Commonwealth of Virginia Various LKs Randall Dickinson PS#1498
120 Wineberry Lane
Ballston Spa, NY



Robert Parke (Charts 3-4-5; LK=T) (Robert Parke was baptized 3 Jun 1580 at Poslingford, Suffolk, England, and died 4 Feb 1664/5 at Mystic [Stonington], Connecticut. He married 1) Martha Chaplin 2) Alice (Freeman) Thompson, widow of John Thompson, who died in England. His second wife, Alice Freeman, was the mother of his daughter-in-law, Dorothy (Thompson) Parke. Alice Freeman was one of the immigrants covered in the book Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants, by Gary Boyd Roberts [Senior Research Scholar at the prestigious New England Historic and Genealogical Society, in Boston]. The booklet Robert Parke (1580 - 1665): Immigrant From England in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet by David L. Parke, is a must read. This booklet may be purchased through the Parke Society. See also the Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut by Frank Sylvester Parks. This book can be ordered on loan at your nearest Family History Center, and used there, or you can contact Lineage Leader Dennis Lorensen for information. Descendants of Thomas2 Parke (Robert1) and his wife Dorothy Thompson [daughter of Alice (Freeman) Thompson Parke] will want to read the numerous articles written by the late William Grant Bill Cook, in his Ancestral Safari series, which appeared in the Parke Society Newsletter. Mr. Cook passed away in 1998.)

Richard Park (MA, 1635; LK=R) The manifest list for the Ship DEFENCE, sailing from London, England, in August of that year and arriving at Boston, MA on 3 October 1635, shows Richard, at age 33, to be a miller. Also on the list is his wife, Margery, age 40, and two children: Isabell, age 7 and Elizabeth, age 4. However, much more work needs to be done to ascertain Richard's origins and to determine definitively when his two sons Richard (2R1) and Thomas (2R2) arrived upon the American shores. An excellent article that relates to the Richard line appears in 1985, Vol. XXII, No. 1, The Story of the Newton Map - 1700; see also, Vol. XIV, No.1. A lineage chart is found in 1989, Vol XXVI, No 2, page 21. An extensive lineage chart is found in 1994, Vol. 31 No 1, page 12. London church records are noted in 2000, Vol 37 No 3, page 45, and more on Richard's ancestors are in 1991, Vol XXVIII No 3, page 36. The current lineage leader was introduced to in 1995, Vol 32 No 1, page 13.)

William Parke (LK=V) Arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1633.

Edward Parks (LK=H) Departed from London, and was in Killingworth, Connecticut in 1669.

Arthur Parke (LK=A) Departed from Donegal in Ulster and arrived in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1720.

Samuel Parks (LK=D) A Scotch Irish farmer settled in Charleston, South Carolina by 1750.

David Park (LK=I) Departed England and arrived in New York in 1866, then settled in Canada.

Richard Parkes Departed Lancashire in 1711 and settled in Berks county, Pennsylvania.

Roger Parke (LK=K) Departed England and arrived in West Jersey in 1682.