Group 022: R-M198 LK=NP

N46461: 12 marker test

No lineage information at present. Participant, who comes to us from the Genographic Project, bears the surname PARK and lives in New Zealand. N46461 is a 12/12 match with 43208 below.

43208: LK=NP 37 marker test

  • John PARK Sr. (01NP1) (b. ca. 1746 -d. unk. m. Susanna POOLE (b. ca. 1784 Md.-d. 1874 Penn.) [Yes, there is a vast age difference, but not impossible.]
  • John PARK Jr. (02NP2) (b. ca. 1810 Penn.-d. 1875 Mich. m. Angelina FRIZ)
  • William Henry PARKS (03NP13) (b. 1840 N.Y.-d. 1927 Okla. m. Sarah Ann FLISHER)
  • Charles Custer PARKS (04NP74) (b. 1882-d. 1952 m. Della Estelle WILKINS)
  • Ralph Albert PARKS (05NP222) (b. 1905 Cal.-d. 1971 Cal.)
  • Participant (06NP668) is PS#1470.